A long and winding road….

A long and winding road….

To borrow from the Beatles hit

I’ve got to admit it’s getting better 

A little better all the time 

I have to admit it’s getting better ….


and yes, the title of this post is from another Beatles song….

For me, a long and winding road is the road back to full health. There have been fascinating detours, odd stop overs and

I’ve been at my bloodhound-best as far as researching goes.

Generally there is an improvement and as Spring approaches (in my part of the world) I feel optimistic.

And look, I am here…..

I’ve been living The Carpenters law, as I shared with you here 

Thus I have a bulging notebook of ideas, and dreams at the ready.

Last night I cooked Carbonara – it was delicious. You can find my food photos on my Instagram account.


Here is the full photo from the featured item. very #delish.

my pizza

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