Which week is this?

Which week is this?

After a couple of weeks of crazy illness, triggered by having a flu shot in my left arm and a pneumonia in my right, only 2 minutes apart….I seem at last to be coming good.  Note to myself: do not do that again. 

Hang on…Which week is this?

Caring friends took me in. Put me to bed and applied TLC.

Between sleeping ten hours through one night, and generally resting I one day found the Free App of the Day iTunes App offered a remarkable New App..Louvre HD which shares art work from this remarkable collection covering some 6 or 7 centuries.  I especially like this one. I love her pearls. of course. See why. 

The flower photo was on Facebook however I cannot recall the source. If it is yours or you know please leave me a message. I want you to have full credit for this beautiful photograph and or the actual flower.

I attended, virtually, a wonderful worldwide meeting for women.

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