Which week is this?

Which week is this?

After a couple of weeks of crazy illness, triggered by having a flu shot in my left arm and a pneumonia in my right, only 2 minutes apart….I seem at last to be coming good. ¬†Note to myself: do not do that again.¬†

Hang on…Which week is this?

Caring friends took me in. Put me to bed and applied TLC.

Between sleeping ten hours through one night, and generally resting I one day found the Free App of the Day iTunes App offered a remarkable New App..Louvre HD which shares art work from this remarkable collection covering some 6 or 7 centuries.  I especially like this one. I love her pearls. of course. See why. 

The flower photo was on Facebook however I cannot recall the source. If it is yours or you know please leave me a message. I want you to have full credit for this beautiful photograph and or the actual flower.

I attended, virtually, a wonderful worldwide meeting for women.

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