my photography


The Word: I began using this word several years ago. The snap of  the shutter and the capture of the image that is photography

The Work: I am a Food – still life – photographer. I use natural light.

The Training: Many years ago, I studied Photography, and film, at University. I fell in love with photography as a ten year old. My father had purchased a Pentax camera and I as i peered through the viewfinder and he turned the lense and everything came into focus. This also had a huge spiritual impact upon me.

The vision: Several years ago,  I was very ill with bronchitis and was at home for some 13 weeks. My apartment had a great view, however the sunrises and local flora and bird-life soon became repetitive. I was thinking about how to entertain myself over many weeks I had yet to wait for my freedom.

I was looking for something ever-changing yet ever present. There it was right before me, 3 times a day.

I started to take photos of my meals, of sliced fruit, vegetables, meals friend dropped off,  etc. I entered into a weekly photo challenge.

Most of my Instagram photos are food. Though not all…